We aim to create an autonomous and sustainable children home in Mexico to help children in need. We are creating the world's first self-sufficient orphanage: a life changing centre to empower children and expose them to new, clean way of life. We are STRICTLY building eco homes: From Earthships to Aircrete, we are exploring all the most sustainable materials in order to build an entire ecologic and self sufficient shelter for unaccompanied children. We want space, comfort, and natural materials, to let traumatised children recover, grow, and evolve happily while learning about sustainable lifestyle.


What we achieved since we started.... (December 2018)



Made a road, clearing the land and making enough space for the volunteers to camp during the  build of the first Aircrete structure. We also had to excavate and flatten the land.


Acquired a truck and important tools that will help to build anything, such as generators, water tanks, shovels, hammers, etc.. All your generous donations went a long way!


Built a small structure with recycled materials, such as tires, cans and bottles, to be used as our main tool storage. This structure has been so useful!


Built an Aircrete Dome (now finishing the bathroom and restrooms) to have a first completed unit. This house will be for staff working in the shelter