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We aim to create a self sufficient children shelter in Mexico to develop eco constructions and help children in need.

The world's first self-sufficient orphanage: story of a life changing centre.


The Project

The goal is to build self-sustainable, autonomous houses that will provide water, energy, sewage treatment and food to its inhabitants.
We are looking forward to build a self sustainable and autonomous orphanage in the village of Mazunte, to shelter some children in need, especially refugee children and orphans.

Additionally, it will act as a cultural platform to enhance young people's knowledge of building "green" - self-sustainable building in order to further empower the locals who lack the financial ability to live on grid.  We, at Joya, cannot imagine living any other way.  The possibilities are endless with love and support. 

"My goal became to create the first totally self sustainable orphanage, as a prototype for many other projects."— Agathe Cauchy, FOUNDER


The project is located in the State of Oaxaca, second poorest state of Mexico, and very close to Guatemala, it is often a way for refugees to cross the country in order to reach U.S.A. This state has a precious untouched culture and some of the most beautiful landscapes, that sustainability projects ought to preserve.

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The Space

We emphasize on the well being of children, and one of the main objectives of these buildings is to be able to offer them their own space. If individual rooms may be difficult, having a maximum of two children per room is a requirement for Joya children shelter. The lack of government assistance, enables the lack of spacious foster homes and/ or orphanages to care for the amount of children in need, often siting up to three children sharing a single bed. 

By building this orphanage, we intend to break that pattern and are fully committed in providing healing orphans the space they need to grow. The main house will extend to subordinated pods, each pod housing up to two children.  Space allows comfort and privacy..

400,000 children

in Mexico are without any parental care

100,000 children

in Mexico live on the streets

5,000 children

are trying to cross the US border alone every month

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There is no help from the State of Mexico for the children and all orphanages are private.

We need to find a solution to give a decent life without much external help, therefore, we would like to be able to open the first totally autonomous orphanage in Latin America.

Children will evolve in a natural environment and learn to grow their own food as well as recycling, re-using and living sustainably.

Every little bit helps.