We are building!!

We are currently in Mexico and progress is happening very quickly due to this amazing group of people who is dedicating their time and effort to make this dream a reality! Please consider supporting our project, the more donations we receive, the further we will be able to take this phase of the construction of the orphanage:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

GRACIAS JULIA and Blumenthal community

An amazing designer from Germany, JULIA BAUS, that also runs a festival in Germany in  the community of BLUMENTHAL, gave half the profits of the festival from this year to the project! Thank you for this amazing and very generous donation Julia!

Una amiga increíble de Alemania, que organiza un festival en Alemania, ¡le dio la mitad de las ganancias del festival de este año al proyecto! ¡Gracias por esta increíble y generosa donación, Julia!


Julia Baus